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“Investir devrait être plus comme regarder la peinture sécher ou regarder l'herbe pousser. Si vous voulez de l'excitation, prenez $800 et allez à Las Vegas.”

Does 95% of Traders Lose Money ?

Does 95% of traders lose money on forex for real ? If this number is available everywhere there is no effective sources on this. Let’s deep dive into the…

Sharing the New Investment Roadmap

It’s time to write a bit of news. As I was not progressing like I would I reflected a bit on what would be the best approach to make this content valuable to any one.

Think big, Start small, But Start!

Don’t wait for things to be ready, polished before launching them. I have spent years dreaming about how I could do a wonderful website around trading and investing. Honestly, I haven’t done anything except updating plug-in regularly and paying hosting bills. But yes, in my mind things were fantastic, I was thinking about dozens of ideas to improve the content and your engagement with the website.

Hello world!

How to start a blog with few words. Displaying the message “Hello World” like a computer program checking that everything is properly configured.

Investing Quote

“The stock market is never obvious. It is designed to fool most of the people, most of the time.”

— Jesse Livermore