Think big, Start small, But Start!

Don’t wait for things to be ready, polished before launching them. I have spent years dreaming about how I could do a wonderful website around trading and investing. Honestly, I haven’t done anything except updating plug-in regularly and paying hosting bills. But yes, in my mind things were fantastic, I was thinking about dozens of ideas to improve the content and your engagement with the website.

The truth, well, you have it. An empty website, with many hope but nothing concrete.

Thinking big is great, it’s a good motivator to move forward. But dreaming of climbing Everest without trying at least to climb a little hill and moving forward progressively will bring you nowhere.

One of the cool things I learn here in my company is to launch something, despite the fact that it’s not finished yet, learn from feedback and iterate to improve step after step the product. It might help you to learn what’s working well, what is not. By doing so you are in an iterative movement and building your ideas instead of waiting for an hypothetical ultimate offering.

It’s what I will do here. It’s a way as well to get me motivated.

Best way to do so is to create a dedicated roadmap and stick to it in order to ensure smooth progression and delivery. I will start with a 2 months roadmap.

February / March Roadmap:

  • Forex System
    • Testing 3 variations of one of my specific EA
    • Connect them to myfxbook for deep analysis
    • Continuous learning & improvement of the system
  • Website Content
    • Finalise the “Contact” Page
    • Build the “Policy” Page
    • Build the “Risk Disclosure” page
    • Build “About Me” Page
    • Release 100 “Random Quotes”
    • Write 2 articles
    • Find a logo
  • Website Tech
    • Improve Mobile Speed
    • Improve SEO minimum requirement

The sooner the better as we say. i have no idea where I will go with that but I will try. If you fell on this page, thanks for your patience !

Happy pips,

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“The biggest risk of all is not taking one.”

— Mellody Hobson
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