Sharing the New Investment Roadmap

In fact I have to admit that time flyies. I haven’t updated the blog for a while and in fact didn’t got too much the opportunity to work on different strategies. One of my biggest issue was to be spread on many different topics and didn’t focus on very few and specifics Expert Advisors and adjusting the parameters over the time. Trading and Investing is definitely not a race but a marathon. So I do not expect to see easy or successful results soon. But you need to start somewhere.

I will diversify my investments and tests on several assets to reduce the risk and take opportunities from several kind of markets. I wanted as well to write very effective posts, but I don’t really find the time so far. Sorry in advance, the next content will be more focusing and analysing on the different test and configuration I will do and not too much on long posts. But feel free to ask questions in comment at the bottom of the page.

How I’m planning to act and split the work:

  • Forex => Configuring and Testing several advanced EA on Multi-currencies
  • Index => Planning a progressive strategy to make cash regularly on mid – long terms
  • Stock => Picking-up Undervalued companies with long term forecast

As I’m on a long journey, I will try this time to really take the opportunity to write more often and doing regular updates. To make it the most transparent as possible I will create specific categories where you will be able to share almost live majority of the progress. As several elements are on a long period of time, I will not have to do daily refresh.

What to expect next. Well, two main things, the first one will be to create dedicated pages on the website to share the live positive or negative results. Very important to keep in mind that several Expert Advisor might bring crap results but it will help to do modification and improvement. I will try as well to investment a lot of time fixing the technical elements at the beginning, so probably news will not come so often. I will be happy to share as well some Scripts or Indicators that I think could be valuable for many of you.

Finally, I think I don’t have the time to work to much on the technical side of the website, I will see a bit later.

Enjoy the end of the week.
Happy Pips

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“The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.”

— Phillip Fisher
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