About Me

Welcome to my Blog ! I’m PipsFisherman. I’m in my thirties, currently based in France after living in several countries in Europe. Passionate by trading and investment I spent a decade to learn, practice, fail, learn again and continuously improving skills and tools. I’m spending my days working for Google on improving customers performances behind our algorithms solutions. I’m spending my nights on developing new trading strategies and solutions.

This blog is not aiming to make you a millionaire, no luxury car, easy money, 100% ROI per months. No bullshit, just hard work and real performances. If you want to progress, learn, share, I’m happy to get you on board. if you prefer social gurus showing how they trade with a mobile phone on their yacht, you’re free to give your money to them.

I hope too much in the past of how money is easy to be done with forex, trading, or investing. It was really important for me to take a step back, avoiding all these ego stuff and focusing only on effective trading, solutions and potentially success. I’m not promising anything, you can just follow and read few hints which could be useful. Final words, content on this website only reflect my personal opinion, and in any case the company I’m working for.

To sum up, you will not find any trade to copy, easy indicators to setup quickly (and loosing your money). Investing or trading is risky. Only trade what you can afford to loose. I will not advise you in anyway on your trade decision.

If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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Happy Pips